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Mad Niggerish
[hook - demetrius capone]

that nigga nigga its that nigga
mad niggerish that mean i stack figgas
i got businesses still never act stuck up
mad niggerish real nigga thats whats up
that nigga cover of the magazine
that nigga plastered on ya plasma screen
im that nigga still never act stuck up
mad niggerish real nigga thats whats up

[demetrius capone]

so niggerish so nigga rich
is he ignorant no he just dont give a shit
i grew up po' christmas with no christmas gifts
we had birthmas ya birthday and christmas mixed
thats when you cant afford to celebrate both now im rich
but still got my ghetto ways though in this bitch
like tryna put some switches on a bentley coupe
i might marry keri hilson in a dickie suit
you dont get it listen ima set the record straight
im ghetto as puttin condoms in a collection plate
or drivin up in a escalade but you live in the projects on section 8
its finna get niggerish obama on election day
you cant get rid of this this nigga aint finna quit
till limitless men and women is hip to this nigga shit
so if you get this line now you niggerish
standin at the damn ?wick? line is how you get ya kicks


[dice dinero]

its like im parkin rear first back in this bitch
swagnificent black dickie fit match with the kicks
mack grippin im mad niggerish act ignorant
i only bag women with jobs and mad benefits
tell bad bitches this ima pimp with a bad temperament
ima boss and i aint with that simpin shit
been have ?blickas? bitch not a curious case we got old ass benjamins
like that flick brad pitt was in im sellin game im tryna get the sex poppin
i fuck freak hos in the car that im test drivin
and when the moneys low then im robbin the place yo
take ya kids shit literally robbin the cradle
i put holes in foes turn ya squads into bagles
my gun wave hi to you haters remind me of maino
young dice is ghetto as a government check
im from the slums and 'jects what the fuck you expect


[julius luciano]

brand new coach fitted cap thats the shoe shit
sticker still attached to it to capture newness
mack a cute bitch ass and huge tits
me without a fly piece dont sound right like bad acoustics
this cats confusin attitude that of a black confucius but im
ratchet packin like huey back in the panther movement some of you
niggas been actin coonish since the mayflower came to massachusetts
you only do what massa chooses me im in the 'lac just cruisin
blastin music abusin alcohol jack daniels a bad influence
yeah i ride with kegs cop told me not to drink and drive i said
i aint drivin the light was red be like me if you wanna get ahead in life
i scream fuck the world while im gettin head from life
aint no tellin what this nigga gon say
i call a cracker a coon and call a nigga ofay
im mad niggerish


[demetrius capone]

cob nigga to the end tell a friend bitch
wont change for no money plus i been rich
cob nigga to the end tell a friend bitch
wont change for no money plus i been rich

holla with any corrections did these pretty fast

its funny, theres so many lyrics of Firing Squad up already, but Gangsta MC isnt finished yet lol

props again
I'm happy tho cause this should be the most active section of the #COB forum anyway. This is what differs these dudes from others: LYRICS and nice to see bosses is noticing and not sleeping

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