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Don't Die
[hook - julius luciano]

dont die yet you need to survive
hip hop we gon keep you alive
dont die you got a culture to feed
rap keep your eyes open and breathe

[julius luciano]

as im lookin through lifes windshield my vision
precise my steerin is right got drive and will im feelin
excitement zill enlightment still my plight is real i dont
like this i never been a negative pessimist i see the
glass half full i dont care bout the rest of it i married
rhyme its been on ever since got on bended knee to
this industry we been joined at the hip hop is not dead
it need a heart transplant and im the donor my hearts
intact we speedin tryna bring our craft back yall wack cats
movin slow i show you where the off ramp at its our turn
to go we got the right of way we do this shit right aint a
righter way we healin rap we wanna see it change right
away yall might kill it tomorrow but it wont die today


[kenny siegel]

its like the game shakin and seizin
check its pulse make sure its breathin
we on our way straight there we speedin
to give it the medicine it needs feed it
rap lines and keep a heart beat goin so it
dont flat line i think its that time for the
separation of men and mice itll take as
long as the preparation of minute rice
yall fuckin the game and dont know how
to hit it right yall too soft and barely go in
get it right we gon nurse it back to good health
with what these niggas write play judge
and with these sentences we'll give it life
yall need to get touched only we get felt
actin like g's ya need some help yall play
tough for ya cd's to leave the shelves
but even if cops gave you a room to sleep
in jail you wouldnt see a cell shit i ever wrote
thats the realest its ironic but to keep this
shit alive we gotta kill it


[demetrius capone]

dont die on me dont die homie
show me them niggas who did it
im finna ride homie they tried to kill
my nigga hip hop so im finna lick shots
as long as my lyrical nines on me
see im a menace i know where them
niggas kick it at down for a 187
im finna get the gat thats a metaphor
that mean im finna spit a rap and kill
men women and kids who tryna set us back
oh you aint down to kill these kids right now
for what they did to my nig right now
makin dance songs gay ring tones tryna
switch right now nigga you actin like a
bitch right now ima spit my style like blaow
til all of them niggas drop gun on my hip
for what they did to my nigga hop
since we the west they dont wanna believe it
but we resurrectin hip hop this the second
comin of g shit



we was like husband and wife she the love
of my life meant to be chemistry when im
huggin the mic been tight since we was young
had a magical bond but lately we grown apart
that old spark is gone cuz she changed cheated
on me with some industry lames who pimp her the
game riches a few minutes of fame they dont love
you like i do its really a shame they take advantage
and turn around and spit on your name baby the
worlds cold damn what could of been somethin
special whyd you have to go and turn into a ho
fuckin with them other cats they aint in love with rap
they just abused my baby to make some money stacks
this industry left you for dead when you regain your
consciousness ill be next to your bed them rappers
who did this to you gon get wet spray em im prayin
holdin ya hand by ya death bed sayin


love this damn song...couldnt have been a better ode to hip hop and the current state its in...dope 3rd or even maybe 2nd favorite on the album..everyone killed it

thanks fam !

Reminds me a lot of Deadbeat West, fucking love these kind of tracks !
Sick track

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