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Bad Meets Evil feat. Slaughterhouse - "Loud Noises"
True, I'd kind of forgotten about that track. He's so talented but often he gets overshadowed by rhe others. I suppose that comes with being the youngest, while the others are in their prime.
Budden's flow reminds me of how basketball player with the ball stops, starts, and quickly changes how fast they're running in order to shake a defender and break his ankles.
I know this is a mainly Crooked I board, but man there aint that much praise for Joell's verse on this song.....i know fast rapping aint for eveyone, but i love it.......just like the songs HSG done over the Usher song, and off there first album 'you dont wanna fuck with me'

is there any other songs Joell raps like this.........?
Joell's verse was terrible just like he has been in the past 2 years.

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