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Crooked I - I'm On One Freestyle
Crooked I - I'm On One Freestyle Lyrics

Fuck it I'm on one, Slaughterhouse we on too/two) point 0 shit
point your shit to the garbage now bitch y'all ain't it
Everybody talking about that and this
Crooked did a song with Canibus
Am I supposed to be beefing with him
Let me tell you what the answer is
No no no nowadays do I listen to half his shit?
No no no and I bet the internet say that's a diss
Gotta keep it real man I will not flip flop
Grind every day I'm a go hard, get guap
Cops wanna track me but fans wont be happy
Until I kill a nigga on worldstarhiphop
But but but your boy ain't going out like no wankster
Cause intelligence is the brand new gangster
The number one spot is in danger
Let me tell you why you rappers ain't fucking with the Slaughterhouse gang
You got a little flow? that's cool with me
Got a little ice a little jewellery
But none of you can fool with the crew to me
Name a nigga rapping better maybe 2 or 3 and that's it
All the above you call it circle love
Homie I merk the thug
Wait a minute bitch purple bug
This pink drink there's a lotta bottles
Ace of spade let's celebrate it
Cause we made it
I'm a drink it till my kay date sound sedated
Cause I'm faded you can hate it
Ask me if I give up a fuck
Homeboy I came from nothing, this time I'm a live it up!
I'm so real I'm a needle in a haystack
When I drop by tell your peoples its the payback
Yeah I got papers still doing drive-bys
With this time, Desert Eagle and a Maybach
Cause we don't play that
We don't play that shit
Nigga I'm on one
i think he meant "cadence sound sedated"

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