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After you first started listening to Crooked...
Before I started to listen to Crooked I listened to a lot of Game, Cameron, Lloyd Banks, 50 ect

Now after a few months, year tops I didn't listen to very much of them at all, to this day I rarely will give them or even better artists spins and when I do, it's typically just a catchy beat/hook that plays itself out pretty quickly

I find it hard to listen to a lot of other Hip-Hop because it's just in many cases simplistic, simple rhymes, cliched topics, carried by the beat and just does very little for me

Is it just me or does most mainstream Hip Hop have no real emotion in it?

I also think it has to do with Crooked's lyrics being more complex, like he's not rhyming short words, he'll throw in words that aren't in most peoples vocabulary, not always of course

But to be honest I have never been able to quite figure out what makes his music so appealing, I think it's just a combination of just fresher lyrics, wordplay and lines that make you go damn I can't believe he came up with that metaphor, or of course his songs with emotion but that's a given

Could it just be that he's a real dude so his rhymes don't come off as forced or phony

What do y'all think?

 Defective Crooked I Robot
I'm really versatile with music. I don't just listen to Hip Hop. I actually listen to a lot of R&B as well. I don't discriminate against mainstream either. If it sounds good to me, I'll listen to it. I'm not one of those guys who will be like, "Everyone listens to this kind of music, so I won't listen to it just to be different." Not saying that people that ONLY listen to underground or independent think that way, but there certainly are some that do think that way. Usually the same kind that don't want to see their favorite artists blow up, but that's a different conversation altogether, lol.

Anyway, to answer your question, before Crooked hit the scene I was a listening to a lot of DPG in the 90s. Still think Kurupt is a monster, I don't care if people say he fell off, he just switched it up. Of course being into DPG that further introduced me to Crook's music.

I think what makes his music interesting is that while the punch lines are insane, the content is fresh. While Crook might drop some gangster shit on one track, the next one will be on some straight up political / socially conscience topics. It's the versatility. Not many emcees can juggle street anthems, club music, introspective songs and cypher tracks so easily. All styles come off natural too.

A little off topic, but I seen a thread on Dubcc the other day saying Crooked just needs to go back and release all his old tracks from the late 90s / early 2000s and put that out instead of his new music. Made me laugh a little bit. Yes, those rhymes were sick. No denying that. However, I think overall the music is more interesting these days. Definitely has grown as an artist. I'm more amped about MDS than anything.
Word, after listening to Crook, I simply cant ENJOY any other kind of music. I once contemplated on deleting all the 8k mp3's that I have in my itunes and just leaving the Crook ones. Was going through an emotional phase I guess lol but just goes to show that its Crooked's music that I truly like.

But yeah its the lyrics over anything that got me hooked. I always found myself rewinding tracks like god damn did he just say that? how? And then there is the music aspect, naturally the flow is so on point, it just sounds great! I listen to a lot of R&B besides hiphop and I download and keep TONS of music but I always find myself going straight to Music<Artist<Crooked I<Shuffle cause I enjoy all of it!

Fans just gotta stop asking for old material to be released. Give it up and just enjoy all the new shit we keep getting.
Before I got into Crooked, I mainly listened to Lench Mob Records, so back in like '01 or '02 I decided to see what kind of talent was on Tha Row, & so I picked up the DysFunktional Family OST & Big C Style's 19th Street Compilations & then I was just Like OttawaCOB up until a few months before that fuck-up of an EP on 3/22, but the main reason why I don't listen to Crooked for months on end these days is because he's lacking the emotion of track like "If You Ever Hear Me" & "Come With Me (Death Row Story). To be Honest, tracks like these are the only reason I play a Crooked track these days, & for me they're the only thing that can save MD$ from pits of hell & despair.

@OttawaCOB, it's not that we don't enjoy the new music, it's just that the unlike the new shit is a bit lacking on the emotional tip I was just talking about.
(08-05-2011, 10:43 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:I'm really versatile with music. I don't just listen to Hip Hop. I actually listen to a lot of R&B as well.

this made me lol.
(08-06-2011, 11:24 AM)Crooked I Stan link Wrote:[quote author=EFFeX link=topic=6309.msg292405#msg292405 date=1312602234]
I'm really versatile with music. I don't just listen to Hip Hop. I actually listen to a lot of R&B as well.

this made me lol.
[/quote]  LMAO  hahaha

on the reals I used to listen to Pac, Necro, Non Phixion, Chino XL, Nas, Big L etc. and still do
I just always listened to good music. I'm definitely not someone who ignores the mainstream, because I feel everyone should at least listen to SOME mainstream music. No matter how bad it gets, because of the cultural aspect in hip hop.

You just gotta recognize the GOOD rappers who have actual talent as MC's. And as of right now, the only mainstream rappers that I feel like any REAL hip hop fan has any business listening to are Eminem, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Game, and Lupe Fiasco. That's who I've always enjoyed listening to, for the most part.
you say all hip hop fans listen to Fab??  and Game?  and LUPE?  lol those 3 are pretty forgettable

I'd rather listen to Cage, Percee P and Kool G Rap.
Yeah, I'm not saying everyone should be die hard fans of them or anything. But as I said, I do believe that everyone needs to be up on some sort of mainstream rap. And Fab, Game, Lupe etc. some of the few mainstream artists that have legit talent and are worth listening to.
Game is such a bipolar bitch, I can't take him seriously.  I'll listen to his tracks with Crooked though.

Fab and Lupe....meh Lupe has that one song I like where it starts out with "you are now in tune to the sounds of Lupe Fiasco" or soething like that over a jazzy beat

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