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Crooked I - "Rock The Bells 2011" (Freestyle)

I've been outta the loop so not really sure when this happened, but just got uploaded so I figured I would throw it up here just in case.
LMAO 'i almost fell'...'but i tota magnums'.....

hahahahah he threw that in,shit fucking hilarious,you can hear the crowd kinda chcuckle.

funny.. budden looks really sick and tired of hearing this freestyle lol

[Image: smiley-laughing025.gif]
One of his dopest freestyles but he butchered the sh*t

He has 2 spit it like he did on the Wake Up show for the crowd to really appreciate the rhyme patterns n delivery

Dude has so many quotables but can't remember anything...performs the same 2 freestyles every time (the other, being 'the kite") yet he still manages to mess those up too
Yeah he definetly messed up that freestyle but the crowd still loved it so thats all that matters.

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