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Beat Jackin 2011 Lyrics
Beat Jackin 2011 Lyrics

[Julius Luciano]
Yeah, yeah…
Horseshoe GANG
C-O-B nigga…
Kenny Siegel, Dice man, D. Capone, Young Luci…
Yeah-Yeah, Ah-Ah

[Julius Luciano- Hook 2x]
Now this is that Horseshoe shit
You fucking with us, of course you is
If you not that’s unfortunate
We’ll take your shine then ?? you wit

[Julius Luciano - Verse]
Ok im ahead of my time, im past my clock
Sorta like a spastic, I spaz a lot
I gotta short fuse, in fact its Too Short
Like my nigga from Oakland or the life span of Pac
Talk shit, get up in your fight stance to box
But I don’t fight lames til Dice pass the glock
Right past your block, clap-clap
Then Im in the hotel, yeah Im at the Hyatt a lot
High at the top, floor with a whore
Ice and Ciroc, I smash the twat
Til Im asked to stop or she climax
Put a few flicks in my iPad to watch
I got it locked, we a different creed
No Rock Band, buy my band I rock
Yall don’t know what to do, say you untouchable
Ok nigga, but your wife ass is not (HA-HA)
Yeah-yeah, my swag is winter
Meaning the temperature is that of December
Cold, Im finna expose faggot pretenders
You Marvel at my crew pow! Call us Avengers
I battle anybody it don’t matter the gender
I’ll serve a chick then Im happy to bend her
Don’t clash with me, I got an axe to swing
At your family tree, then Im shouting out “timber!”
Yall might wana ease on back
You steal on my fresh Ima repo that
Yeah im in the building and my flow is concrete
Meaning too hard to sleep on that
Understand Ima nigga from the slums
Walk to the beat of a different set of drums
Yall splittin when I come
Im like Obama getting elected, I make niggas wanna run
[[Julius - Hook 2x]

[Dice Dinero - Hook]
If niggas so hot, why they aint got what I got
If niggas so hot, why they aint got what I got
If niggas so hot, why they aint got what I got
You do what you gotta do, when you know we rolling through

[Dice Dinero – Verse]
Im selling sentences, syllable slang with rhyming
Silly willy, I should be in an insane asylum
My favorite sort of entertainment is mainly violence
Blaze the iron, they gon chill in the Caymen Islands
A crazy tyrant, that’s mangling lames that’s flying
Off at the mouth, I should be caged but cant contain this lion
Since I exceed the expectations
The rest hatin and mumblin under your breath, save it
But when techs waving, its game over, checkmate bitch
Expect to see blood when I shoot, Im Wes Craven
And once my chrome blast, I’ll take a rag and get rid of the prints (Prince)
Like what the artist that was formally known as
Yall niggas is so flammable, yall so gas
Yall flow is a waste, yall are waste, yall so trash
Ill have your bitch on your knees like shes tryna beg
At full throttle have her gobblin my bottom head
Got a problem nigga, holla, you gon swallow lead
Take multiple shots, as if you got a hollow ??

[Dice Dinero - Hook]

[Demetrius Capone – Hook]
I just don’t give a…fuck
I just don’t give a motherfuck
This C-O-B, C…O…B…

[Demetrius Capone – Verse]
Take a photo of me fucking your bitch
Picture me giving a fuck, my dick literally lives in her guts
Now she in love, I think my dicks a gift and cuss
Word, she came first like she was risen from genesis’ dust
You broke niggas live in on bus
I talk down to you niggas, and you listening up
My flow is why u need to piss in a cup
If the fuzz kicked in the front door, my flow is the shit you should flush
Im cold as hell, hell Im even colder
Because im cold as hail, El Nino, pneumonia
You’ll be cold as hell when hell freezes over
You know what Im LB’s Deebo, I told ya
We might tag team your family reunion
Me and a bad piece that look like Gabrielle Union
Braow-braow-braow, leave your family in ruins
But if the bitch get shot, I’ll bag me a new one

[Demetrius Capone – Hook]

[Kenny Siegel – Verse]
Nigga this is COB, bitch
Nigga-nigga-nigga this is COB
Nigga-nigga-nigga this is COB, bitch
Nigga-nigga-nigga this is COB
Nigga-nigga-nigga this is COB, bitch

Yeah, Ill switch blade, a pricks rib cage
You lower than weak (week) ima call you six days
When it comes to mac, we got more 11s than six grade
You a female housekeeper, bitch made (maid)
The one pricks, is unfit, to run with, my stomachs
Still rumbling, but I munch cliques by the hundreds
Which chick, I don’t discriminate one bit
In fact im currently fuckin a six point six sextillion ton bitch
Im in these streets so much, they swear that Im homeless
Beware of the omen, baring my soul to scare an opponent
Your career is temporary like every emotion
Name your favorite rapper I bet that theyre in my colon
You might catch me one day in the flyest ?? when im rollin
Then in a car the next day, that was just the spur of the moment
Bet your life when I let off, the four-four indents
For instance leave you stiff for forensics

[Kenny Siegel – Hook]
You claim you got it, but you aint got shit (Stop it)
With quarter bags, we go off in pockets (Drop it)
Niggas cant (Stop it), niggas only (cop shit)
Niggas never (Pop shit)
But nigga this is COB, bitch

yall got any corrections?
I fucking despise having to come to decide on who had the best verse. Gives me head aches yo smh.
Certainly not Dice Deniro.
luchi or capone
(10-24-2011, 10:20 PM)Lyricest link Wrote:Certainly not Dice Deniro.

im not 100 % sure bout luciano but i think its pow! cuz they always use stuff like pow! and bam! in comics

luciano: You Marvel at my crew pow! Call us Avengers

Capone's verse: Word, she came first like she was risen from genesis’ dust

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