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CLITT DOG gets owned at dubcc by dubcc's owner!! must see
Clit Dogg is the same guy who's claiming crooked ripped him off

Quote:Not sure who Clint Dogg is, I always see his name on the forum and saw people shitting on him so I figured he's a phony, but Kokane just called and wanted to clarify that he does not fuck with this Clint Dogg character at all and wanted everybody on here to know cause he's heard Clint Dogg is promoting a record or something like that.

I'm not in the loop on what's going on with all that, just relaying the message.

Kokane does however have a project coming out with an Australian artist, Traffik, in January. Traffik is really talented neo-soul/funk producer who recorded an entire album with Kokane, with co-production by Quazedelic. More news on that very soon.


Anyway, I don't blame Kokane for speaking out against him. Clint has been disrespectful in many respects and spreading propaganda about a lot of West Coast acts. Some of these artists have ties to Kokane. It's not surprising he'd be disrespected. I hope more artists speak out about him.
Clit dog is a disgrace to the Australian hip hop community..
I hope a dingo eats him and his baby!

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