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Official Crooked I "Psalm 82:V6" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: psalm826_cover_art.jpg]

Quote:Earlier this year, Crooked I announced his plans to release a brand new mixtape while fans await Slaughterhouse's sophomore effort. Well, the time has finally come and the Boss of the West's new project is now available.

Crooked I's Psalm 82:V6 mixtape is now available as not only a free download on, but can be purchased through iTunes as well. While the LA Leakers did an incredible job compiling the free edition, fans who are looking for a tagless experience will want to make a purchase through digital retailers. Although this project is being promoted as a mixtape, it's content is similar to a full length album. The project contains eighteen brand new songs recorded over original production. Fans who have been waiting for a full length album from Crooked I will certainly appreciate this release as it's sure to be the soundtrack for the summer.

If you are interested in checking out previous mixtapes from Crooked I, please visit our Projects section for more details. Additionally, you can visit the Planet COB website to purchase any previous retail project from the Circle of Bosses camp.

Track List

* = version only.

1- 82:V6 Intro (Prod. by Quest)
2- G’s Us feat. Roc Marciano (Prod. by Komplex)
3- G.A.N.G Up (Grind And Never Give Up) feat. Medi (Prod. by G Rocka)
4- Monsters feat. Slaughterhouse & Colin Monroe (Prod. by Boi-1da)*
5- Nikki (Prod. by Tito Ali)
6- Niggaz Winnin’ feat. Trae The Truth & Melody Angel (Prod. by G Rocka & Medi)
7- Fuck U Pay Me feat. Twista & K-Young (Prod. by Tight Mike)
8- And She Don’t Even Know feat. Soopafly & Kobe (Prod. by Pitchshifters)
9- Let The Beat feat. KeAna (Prod. by The Renaissance)
10- Ratchet Heauxs (Prod. by I-Nine)
11- Roll Call 2 feat. Bad Lucc, Coniyac, Locksmith & Mykestro (Prod. by Aktive)
12- 3 The Hard Way feat. Kurupt & Ras Kass (Prod. by Aktive)
13- Team COB feat. Horseshoe Gang & Iceman (Prod. by G Rocka & Medi)
14- Real Niggaz feat. Freeway Rick Ross (Prod. by Komplex)
15- Never Forget feat. Eddy Fontane (Prod. by Snaz)
16- It Feels Good As A MF (Prod. by Komplex)
17- Praise GOD (Prod. by Tabu)
18- BBBB feat. Tena Jones (Prod. by Tabu)


Free Version:
Any news on MDS?
I am convinced MDS will never happen
dope shit, more free music! HSG mixtape Crooked mixtape and slaughterhouse album...R.I.P overrated rappers...
(01-24-2012, 03:14 AM)highlandp323 link Wrote:dope shit, more free music! HSG mixtape Crooked mixtape and slaughterhouse album...R.I.P overrated rappers...

That's the way I see it. lol
I agree.
2 much complaining about this wont happen that wont come out bla bla.
Just be happy with the fact rappers like this still excist
rotterdam support COB!
If He's gonna drop his album after that Slaughterhouse album then it's alright, but if he don't then please read this Crooked I; Eat My Fat Dick you Fat Bitch! if you not reading this, i bet you slaves will.
Everyone knows MDS isn't coming out, It's no suprise to fans. I'm lookin forward to the mixtape. This really is looking like it is going to be a great year for COB!
More music = Me happy. Just feel sorry for the people fucked by Gracie on the MDS preorder.
It's totally unfair for the fans that they wait for this DEBUT Album, everybody from Slaughterhouse dropped they album, Joey & Joell dropped 2 & Royce a lot, drop this album man!

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