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Kony 2012 (Please take the time out and watch this video)

This psychotic motherfucker must be stopped forreal
nah shun somethin aint hood tho
I had a chance to watch that video yesterday and its great to see that lots of people are wanting to do something about this.  i tried to keep an open mind on wtf is going on because its always from the outside looking in,  basing off one 30minute video is just not enough.  Like i understand the severity and significance of capturing this guy whom has been active for 25 years  there is a blog floating around called visible children that critizes what invisble children is doing.  i'm gonna sit on the fence on this one.  because its really a shade of grey,  don't get me wrong joseph kony has done acts of evil and  also i know there is thousands like him out there out of sight out of mind.

"Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited."

"The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces...Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them, arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda and hasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. "

"Still, Kony’s a bad guy, and he’s been around a while. Which is why the US has been involved in stopping him for years. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has sent multiple missions to capture or kill Kony over the years. And they’ve failed time and time again, each provoking a ferocious response and increased retaliative slaughter. The issue with taking out a man who uses a child army is that his bodyguards are children. Any effort to capture or kill him will almost certainly result in many children’s deaths, an impact that needs to be minimized as much as possible. Each attempt brings more retaliation. And yet Invisible Children supports military intervention."

"they [Invisible Children] make a fairly large point about sending money to the Ugandan Military. This is a big no no for a couple of reasons. First of all, Kony isn't even in Uganda. Funding a military that has no real authority over another country to LOOK in other countries, is a moronic idea to begin with. Secondly, the Ugandan military is already using this as an excuse to enter other countries and exploit resources from surrouding areas. The Government of Uganda is full of criminals that are worse than Kony himself. Not to mention the bloody PRESIDENT of Uganda is responsible for millions of deaths."

"The worst thing about Invisible Children (In my opinion) is that they lobbies for DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION IN AFRICA. After all of the terrorist hunts in the Middle East, and having troops stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq, don't you think that the people would have learned by now that having troops in another country to hunt one a****** isn't exactly the best idea? Especially when some of the Republicans believe that invading Iran is a fairly good idea at the moment. There are SERIOUS issues with this group, issues that people are overlooking."

but in light of situation found these hilarious

[Image: konymeme.jpg]
[Image: afa.jpg]
[Image: 15824316.jpg]
[Image: fojxf.jpg]
(03-07-2012, 07:42 PM)g-kal2010 link Wrote:This psychotic motherfucker must be stopped forreal

Does anyone have an opinion they didn't read on Facebook these days? The US government also have never ratified the ICC who issued the arrest warrant for him and have no intention of trying to capture Kony alive. Because of this, Kony will happily fight to the death and if the movement has enough momentum to topple him they will have to kill thousands of the abducted children they're trying to protect. That's the trouble with getting the US government involved, if there's enough pressure they'll act and go for the cheapest, quickest solution and only seek to minimize US casualties, with no regards for anyone else.

It's a hugely oversimplified objective too, "get rid of Kony" won't suddenly see Ugandans walk out of their house [sic] one day rub their eyes and rejoice as Kony is gone and with him gone all their problems are solved. There are MILLIONS who have died in conflicts in Central Africa over the past 20 years and Kony is responsible for only a small part of that. The problem stems from the whole area becoming increasingly militarised. Small groups of militia buy guns so then the governments spend money on guns too, all the while the some people thousands of miles away get rich off the conflict and the civilians in Africa live in wretched conditions as the conflicts and lack of aid money finding it's way to them, take their toll. It's like taking a painkiller when you have toothache, it'll help you forget there's a problem with your tooth but until you go to the dentist it's always going to be there and getting worse.

As much as I might not like this particular charity's campaign, or the masses who are going to give this their "support" with a couple of bucks to buy a bracelet "like all the celebs are wearing", I would like to see the movement gain a lot of support. Like the short film keeps saying, it's a test of Social Media's power but more importantly it's a test of the general masses attention span. Will they care for long enough to see this through? Will they then look to help the countries recover after? Will other causes benefit from this type of campaign? Or will Facebook users simply go back to telling the World what they ate for breakfast and sharing viral videos of kittens "chatting"?
Thanx for the responses and giving a different perspective of things cause i sort of thought about that in the back of my head. Trying to look at the grand scheme of things. No C.O.B. i based my comment strictly off the observation of the video which i found off youtube not facebook haha but im not gonna lie, i was perhaps too quick to jump on the bandwagon and didnt really look at the other side of the spectrum (which was largely due to me not wanting to be too cynical of the cause and wanting to believe they are trying to do the right thing) but COB and Jp, you reminded me of the importance of stepping back and looking at things more critically so thanks again for the different point of views you guys presented. I dont like kony but then again i dont like alot of the leaders and politicians from uganda or central africa either. You guys are right, getting rid of kony is not going stop everything bad that is happening over in africa. I just believe that getting rid of one villian will make things a LITTLE better over there regardless of who is behind the campaign to target him, who will still be in charge or who will still be around to do some fucked up evil shit even after kony is captured or killed. Sometimes u have to go after 1 villian at a time i say and thats about as realistic as u can be about the whole situation.
here is another interesting blog i found talking about the kony2012 campaign from a different perspective.

I dont think anyone is against the cause. I think the issue is how you go about handling it. Finding the most rightful and logical solution to this and many problems related overrall is key.
G-Kal, I watched the video too and I was of course moved(who wouldn't be?).

It's interesting what people are saying about how evasive the Invisible Children are with their accounts and auditing. I recently prepared some accounts for a UK based charity that raises funds for a school in Africa so I know a fair bit about what they need to disclose. In the UK every charity that has an income of over £500k(about $800k) needs to be audited and as your report says, most charities tend to want to disclose as much as possible to give a picture of transparency to grant makers, corporate donators and the public. For example the charity I prepared the accounts for used a fully qualified auditor to do the independent examination, despite falling well under the income level required for an audit. Infact, it's disgraceful that a charity genenerating $13mill doesn't allow it's accounting and recording to be subject to a full audit.

That said, I don't think you can accuse the owners of being corrupt or just in it for the money based on what we know. Ben Keesey is getting $88k a year which is a lot of money, but given his qualifications and his internships at JP Morgan and Deloitte it's highly possible that he could be on more than that by now if he'd continued working in the financial sector with those names on his CV. The blog also mentions some very exaggerated figures, which doesn't help it's credibility. There's no way that blog can justify the 10s of millions they claim will die if there was US intervention.

All in all, with the increased attention on Invisible Children there was always going to be people looking for something wrong with it and if you're looking hard for something you'll find it. They do have a few things they aren't doing correctly and I'm not sure the charities methods are the right way to go about bringing a solution to the problem. But to say the charity is corrupt or totally insincere in it's goal is every bit as misleading and emotive as the video and movement that's currently spreading under IC's banner.
I don't see what the big deal is for this Kony guy. Angelina Jolie's taken way more little African kids than him.
ThaHolyChronic link Wrote:I don't see what the big deal is for this Kony guy. Angelina Jolie's taken way more little African kids than him.
Post of the Day lmmfao props my dude

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