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Official Ad-vice "Master Of None" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: advice_master_of_none_cover.jpg]

Quote:It has certainly been a long time coming, but Portland, Oregon's Ad-vice has finally released his highly anticipated Master Of None mixtape. The project contains a collection of new and previously released records that Ad-vice has compiled into one cohesive package. While this new mixtape features several talented up-and-coming artists, Circle of Bosses fans will be excited to see an extensive list of familiar names. Those who are interested in checking out this mixtape are encouraged to download a free copy through DatPiff.

If you would like to learn more about Ad-vice and his music, please visit his brand new website. In the mean time, please follow his official Twitter accounr for additional news updates.

Track List

1. Checkered Flag
2. Kush Plant
3. Move The Product
4. Fill Up The Tank
5. Lead The Way feat. Nucclehead & Young Meta
6. Time Will Reveal
7. Die Slow feat. KareLezz, OnlyOneDice & Crooked I
8. Professionals feat. Venezi & Sho Nuff
9. I Need Some More Silence
10. C.O.B. Motto (DJ Smu Mega Mix)
11. Say It With Ya Chest
12. Soldier's Mind State
13. Turqoise Reality feat. OnlyOneDice
14. High Stakes
15. Out My Lane feat. OnlyOneDice & Kenny Siegel
16. Toxic feat. Tay Black
17. C.O.B. Cypher 2012 feat. The Circle of Bosses

Yeah, that looks like the new cover, this was the original -
(04-10-2012, 09:56 AM)Hood R.A.T. link Wrote:here's the cover

Looks dope!! Lets hope the music is just as dope and we got ourselves another dope COB project!
I'm excited for it...his verse was pretty dope in the 2012 cypher. Does any know the release date for it?
Good news, the new mixtape is now available for download through, DatPiff!

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