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Royce Performance @ Jazz Cafe London - 7 July 2012

Anyone aware of this? Think I may have to go to this too. Slaughterhouse and Royce solo within 2 months, never though I'd get to see any of them anytime soon at the beginning of the year. Crooked needs to drop his album and get on tour as well!
Just got back from this show and it was awesome! Played a couple of tunes from Success Is Certain, some classics and then some Slaughterhouse and Bad Meets Evil tunes.

Real small venue that made for a great intimate gig (don't think is was any bigger than my local pub!) and he had some good banter with the crowd. Royce is one funny dude! Recognizes the importance of his fans and you can tell he's loving where he's at in his career atm. Never really been a fan of Kid Vishis but he did his thing too and had a good solo acapella.

He confirmed that there will be a mixtape early August from Slaughterhouse and that it was their own decision to put back the album til the 28th of that month.

Hope it's not too long before Slaughterhouse or any of them solo come to the UK again.
Sounds like a lot of fun.

I agree that smaller shows are a lot more fun. I seen Crook and Royce perform at this little bar in my area a while back and the crowd interaction was real nice.
royce did a show here in a small bar but didnt hear about it till day after the show
Was definitely a different experience in the small venue, and like u said EFFeX it is a lot more fun. Was suprised that the place wasn't packed out considering the response Slaughterhouse got when they came here in May though. Was still plenty of room in the place like people didn't know he was gonna be there and he just made some sort of surprise appearance!

Like when I went to the Slaughterhouse show, I recorded a lot of it. I'll upload some video tomorrow for you all to enjoy.
dam i missed it!!
i wish i knew about this! i was at the lowkey even yesterday. would have gone to this instead.
As promised, videos from the show.  Enjoy!

(Or alternatively go straight to my YouTube page to see videos from this and footage from the Slaughterhouse show in London in May):

At the beginning Royce is responding to being asked whether DJ Premier has produced for the Slaughterhouse mixtape after he said he had met him in Europe and was chatting to him to him for ages about allsorts.

Royce cuts it short near the end to joke about his lyrics:

Part 1 was recorded in portrait so looks crap, this is the 2nd half of the song after I switched to landscape:
(07-08-2012, 10:17 AM)mak4life link Wrote:dam i missed it!!
(07-08-2012, 05:06 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:i wish i knew about this! i was at the lowkey even yesterday. would have gone to this instead.

I did give everyone over a months notice when I originally posted!
thank you for the videos

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