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COB Cypher 2011 (Lyrics)
[Demetrius Capone]

My heart is on the left, cos nigga I rep the west
My freshness so turned up, I'm fresh to death
Like killing a fly with air freshener, I'm fly & fresh to death
Then I'm finna exit wit' your ex and her BF to F, uh
This the Dodger hat, uh, rocking a stocking cap, uh
Stomp a nigga out in a lobby like Pac after that boxing match
Then I'm finna menage with twins, get a massage and then hit 'em again
then I'll be back, killing each twin sister's pussy, damn I'm a copycat
killer, nigga, this is thug shit
I got the bird flu, that mean my duck sick
I tell you like I told this one chick who didn't want long dick
in her stomach, I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with
My hands are tied but not tied up, I mean my hands both draw
like they tied up, kick me out the mile high club
I don't give a flying fuck, I'll choke your kid and call it a high hug

[Kenny Siegel]

With the amount of smoke that my lungs intake
I could turn the sky cloudy from a sunny day
Iced out, we the reason Cali the sunny state
Question where do I get off? answer on your hunnies face
Beat it nigga runaway, your about as sweet a funnel cake
That is why I never put my gun away, I'm about as fed up as a runaway
In the 6 I might be low, I'm cold as 6 below
The minute my 6 below, I'll put you 6 below
We ain't quite the same, y'all niggas shaped just like dice and games
My gun waving with the nicest aim, my nigga I can hit Neo
My hand on my balls, stand on the wall
Prolly Tetrahydrocannabinol, my cannon is spark and blam at a Marc, like Pau
you can call my cannon Gasol, explosive idea's
I got flamable thoughts, I eat niggas
I live by the cannibal law, I'm so sincere about not taking no shit
Nigga I won't even stand in a stall, you claiming you raw
That can't be right, I'm death so this can't be life
I'll shoot ya dear momma now you can share Bambi plight

[Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]

I see you motherfuckers eying my cake and my bling
But take it from me, won't none of you niggas take it from me
A ape and a beast, I ain't changing some days and some weeks
Dragging a bloody axe behind me, scraping the streets
Raising them things, just to blaze at the lame and the weak
Serve em with ease, lay em beneath, the pavement on streets
Quiet often I miss out, on vacation and sleep
All over making sensational creations with ink
With the craziest anticipation on raping this beats
Decapitating M.C's, lay em to sleep, prey for they seeds
Stay waiting for the day my misbehaving 'ill cease
But tell me why the fuck don't I have, a cage or a leash
At least, you a non believer, I put trust to my iron
I'm a iron believer, over and beyond achiever
Monster reaper, living inside ya speaker
Hotter than a comet either, so my money stack higher than the constant chiefer
I make bars so god damn hard, that's why I take charge without sliding Visa's

[Julius Luciano]

You looking at a don and King here, with two snubs tuck
I'm like Don King's hair, I grew up rough
My line's over ya head like foreskin, speaking of which my crew's uncut
Y'all homeless prostitutes, you bums suck, wait a minute now
I'm a foul nigga, schemin' on ya bitches, see how long the dick is
Should you wanna lick it? hacky sack shit, should you wanna kick it
Y'all young niggas better be up on ya misfit, or I mean grizzly, yo the heat with me
See you on my hit list, squeezing on my biskit
I'm finna put a hole in ya mother fucking brain now, I'm seeking your attentions
Wait, let me switch it up, my swag is unfair
I'm breath taking, meaning I'm finna snatch ya lungs air
My bars finna take me to Madison Square
You a disgrace to ya father, he mad his son's square
Chicky chicky yea, y'all better get protection
I'll push ya eyes in ya skull, introspection
My arms like tourette's, meaning I'm clutching a long gun
I'm like an eye patch nigga fuck it I'm on one


C.O.B's backpack, you can see the gift in my face
Better turn into astronauts in this bitch, and give me some space
We live that fast lane lifestyle I ain't kidding you
Abortion clinic when I spit it, this music brings out the kid in you
I need to loosen up because I'm so tight, wow like
Haters see the skill, and try to jack it like a cold nite
Nah its not my arrogance, matter afact its my confidence
I just want all the continents, to stand the fuck up and rock to this
Fuck it put yo lighters up, nah I don't think that is high enough
I want em to feel the heat, right there front seat
Under Orion's nuts, fuck everybody that tried to step on my legacy
I don't got the passion, you ain't a friend of me
Hennessy the remedy a decapitated wax figure of myself is
The only way you'll ever get ahead of me
And we the illest, on the totem pole we top notch
We stomping on you fucking squares like it's hop scotch
Grew up on melody's and the notes they sang, stack that bread
But I'll never let that doe raise me

[Coniyac DA X.O]

My bars is reckless, they driven drunk with a blind fold
I'm above liers, sky walking four twenty mind blown
Mentals a virgin no brains yea, so my minds gone
On a level that you couldn't, ladder to climb on
Unlock box a Pandora, I'm Vicodin right again
Plus spite juice Ciroc's, with a nice ice blend
See they corpse ready so I just dearly depart more
Cut from a cloth, half you niggas ain't got the heart for
They turn bitch like Loraine, they head sliced on em
Since he hung, I pimp him with a head price on him
Don't get jack son, this is thriller in the making
My thoughts provoke pen grenades for booth detonation
With no refuge, ground surrounded now forsake it
My whole bodies for black market, your part of the taking
Run cash on elevators, till it hits Uranus
Van Gogh is cob opponent worse nightmare is painted to picture


I stay branded c.o.b. reputable got the gang tatted
Highly intellectually advanced before apes landed
Think you fly? I be chillin' by the eighth planet
Talking to god, he says it's time kill the satanic souls
Anybody that want it can get it, anybody wanna try and go think ya hot
Ya not, ya cold, I'm lava, what the fuck ya mean when its in the snow go home
You could be my enemy, that'd be deadly, better be able to steadily get with the pedigree
Sicker than medical lyrical beheading anybody trynna find a way to get ahead of me
Moving like a centipede, step so heavily I run a circle round ya Melody's
Then I'm gone spin you, eat you up, got you on the recipe hacked against rappers on the menu
Blend you, put you in the middle of the rhythm when I'm scribbling subliminal
I'll catch you with a Inzu mental Ninjitsu, killing of off the top
You be thinking that I did it with a pencil, now they gotta jock
Saying oh my god, I never seen you rap tighter man you really got flow
Now I think wifey coming like I just wanna gobble & swallow it whole they know I'm outta control
Watch em, kissing them lips, sucking me lovely
Even made the water explode, laundry huh
Gotta rub my lyricals on a hollow and I gotta
get another load, I'ma blow


Listen, I can make you a victim all Crook gotta say is P Dub sick em
Dog in the cob so I'm gone rip em, from piece to piece, there will be no peace
Hearts will seize refuse to beat, C.O.B let me off the leash
Now watch out boys here comes the beast, ready to feast on all you cowards
Bam on you like Dwight Howard, show you the longest hour
Bring your arse to the Watts Towers, where Sauce and I will show you power
When we done, bring ya back home, to the 5-0-3, my zone
Take your arse to the Felony Flats, where you can lose your life fast
Chances are you won't last, I will have the last laugh
And that's just that, simple fact, you just better to carry the strap
Cause I won't hesitate to spray you on sight, It'd be a fucking shame to lose ya whole life
In the scene with a knife and a hand with a gun, this c-o-b boy you best run
Or you can choose, just die slow, you can lay back and let ya life go
The team I'm with they be all pro, we can't lose, this I know
So you know, you'll get shook, you can get your life took
You say I'm not a good look, then fuck y'all Ssuutt Suuutt

[Tim West]

Yea, I got that coca flow, I kill em with my lines now
And I make you overdose, like Amy Winehouse
Wow, yea man fuck the competition, kill em all
You gone need more than Steve Nash for assistance
Tip my glass to you bitches, I'm too smart
I'm too all like wet farts, get pooped on
Tell em cut it out, coupon, uh
You ain't even gotta tell me twice, fuck it take a rapper
Pull his soul out his mouth and throw that nigga in the afterlife
You like a teacher no one likes, boy you half as nice
I'm talking bout the same fucking thing, hermaphrodite
And I don't need no damn pen, I don't have to write
I Kanye West you Taylor Swift rappers now watch me snatch the mic
Oh, yea my nigga ain't a evident
My rhyme hallway like a super buff elephant
No one fucking with me yea my flow is always celebant
I always stay positive, like a double negative


I'm trynna focus on the present so forget whatever that was then
Spare me your assumptions, who are y'all to be judging me
My name bubbling, because I stay plugged in, the game
Siting down with made men, having luncheons
So watch what cup you dunking
You don't I'll show up at ya front lawn and start dumping
Leave ya jaw punched in, uh
In front of ya children and that wife ya call munchkin
I'll cut ya grill and have you looking like a carved pumpkin
The hardest artist since Pac departed y'all done started
Something y'all should of thought of, sawn offs will turn y'all to saw dust, bloa
I'll be a marxist when I say that I'm just like y'all
But in all actuality I transformed every nightfall
Scribbling scriptures, intricate lyrics painting mental depictions
And images vivid as digital pictures, I'm vicious
Eating up these rappers with abusive battle raps
I'm about to close ya chapter like concluding paragraphs
"Beledie Flats", is actually "Felony Flats"

"Probably texture hydro cabbin and all", is actually "Prolly Tetrahydrocannabinol"
(05-27-2012, 10:00 AM)Hood R.A.T. link Wrote:"Beledie Flats", is actually "Felony Flats"

"Probably texture hydro cabbin and all", is actually "Prolly Tetrahydrocannabinol"

lol good job but yeah it is Felony Flats thats my Hood! And its spray you on sight
(05-27-2012, 10:58 PM)PWT503 link Wrote:lol good job but yeah it is Felony Flats thats my Hood! And its spray you on sight

Thanks P-Dub.
Iceman says " a decapitated wax figure of myself is the only way you'll ever get ahead of me"
(05-27-2012, 11:22 PM)mcgradam link Wrote:Iceman says " a decapitated wax figure of myself is the only way you'll ever get ahead of me"

sweet, haha some of the things I was hearing were retarded
or you were smoking sherm Aaron lol
-wanna gobble swallow and hold- by KareLezz should be wanna gobble & swallow it whole  Smile
(06-15-2012, 09:15 AM)Slaughter4life link Wrote:-wanna gobble swallow and hold- by KareLezz should be wanna gobble & swallow it whole  Smile


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