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Crooked I - Real Boss Life
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Real Boss Life
Produced by:
Appears on: St. Valentines Day Bossacre

Intro: (Crooked I)

C.O.B., yeah, it’s the Bosses Life, youknowImean
Boss is a mentality, a man is what he thinks
But a lot of y’all got it twisted out there
You think it’s all about, fuckin’ bitches, havin’ money, material objects
It’s a downside, too

Verse 1: (Crooked I)

Every rapper wanna rap about the upside of bein’ a Boss
You know how many wanna see me in a cross
Hate the ice blinging in the cross
Sittin’ in a mean Olive-Green Porsche with the premium exhaust
Wanna see me in a Lost & Found
Believe me I’ma floss, I’m bound
I grew up with nothin’
Desert Eagle and Nino Ross keep two of ‘em dumpin’
Lotta niggas say they are Boss, a few of ‘em frontin’
But the one I’m beefin’ with, he with the Warlord heirs
He put money on my head, I put more on his
It’s Lord of the Flies now, that mean war on kids
War on wives, want more than your own wig nigga
Go ahead, send your torpedo’s at me
My hollow-beetle guns fuck more people gladly
Sleepin’ with the .45 under my pillow
Had a dream, I caught the nigga slippin’, whippin’ down Willow
Woke up with a grin, why? When I pop you in my mind
Makin’ it become a reality is just fine
Lord knows I wish it was just rhymes (just rhymes)
But I know these stories ain't just mine (naw)
It’s like we gotta kill just to make it home breathin’
When you’re paper loan, people they be on treason
First we got along fine, later on squeezin’
Shots drum roll like we made ‘em on reasons
Let me tell you how the sexin’ begins (how?)
Your money gets power, pregnant with twins
Jealousy and Envy, it’s affectin’ your friends
Fuck whoever said life get’s better with ends
Yin and Yang, Grin and Pain, a wicked game
Sendin’ shame, this is fame, I entertain
But when it’s in the streets the pistol aim put windows in your brain, nigga

Outro: (Crooked I)

Yeah, the Bosses Life
That’s the real shit man
There’s two sides to every story, youknowImean
You niggas don’t know nothin’ about circling your house two or three times
Cause it might be niggas in your bushes
That’s when you got that bread man
Mothafuckas wanna talk about, it’s all good bein’ a Boss
That’s a god damn lie, youknowImean
We fuck hoes, we go on trips, we blow money, we ride whips
But we also load clips, cause they comin’
That’s the real Bosses Life nigga, for real
Lotta famous niggas don’t know that tho
Cause they got 24 hour security around their house
C.O.B. yeah   

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