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C.O.B Interviews: Session 4 - Demetrius Capone (Questions)
I getting ready to film interviews for demi kare-lezz and sauce please you questions for Demi in this thread.

i will make other threads for the other 2.

Ask now videos will be shot this week
you gotta do a better job spelling

on the kenny one you typed "were do you see HSG in 5 years" lmao

haha at first i thought there was already a video for d.capone..

my question is, "What is one beat you've wanted to spit over but never got the chance to?"

thats what you paid attention to in the interview? I never could spell good but i will make sure to have someone look over the next one. Understand i do this for free im not making a cent for anything i do for my Circle. I do this for yall
question: ya lyrics are very complex and intelluctual do you read often? Also is it difficult to incorporate literature into your music?

question: if ya were a superhero or villian which and why?
Why do you rap? I know you are damn good at it, but when you were 15 or whatever and just another fish in the sea, why did you keep going?
tell him beagle wants to know when your to come australia
If you could collab on a track with 3 rappers from outside of COB, dead or alive, who would they be?
were Crooked and Dice jerks as older brothers?
Whats your favorite Horse Shoe Gang track? Whats your favorite Crooked I track?

When the hell is that cobworldorder website guna let me get that damn blue transformer shirt you always be wearing or ANY of the cob shirts for that matter?

Whats currently stopping HSG from collaborating with them Slaughterhouse boys for a track?


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