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Slaughterhouse - See Dead People
(08-19-2012, 07:42 PM)Cannabis Over Beer link Wrote:[quote author=Coppin Overpriced Bottles link=topic=7420.msg300952#msg300952 date=1344677273]
Nice, similar vibe to cuckoo. It's rare for me to like Joe's verse best but he killed those 2 and a half minutes.

joe's the second best member of SH behind Crooked...maybe tied with Royce.

You forgot the part where you say to you he is the second best, People gotta realize with these dudes there is no definitive number one or number two

For me Joe regularly comes in last place out of the four which is not to say he's bad or you're wrong for having him higher

His lines are the least likely to get quoted by me, I wouldn't argue against it if you said you thought Joe was the best it's just they are all dope in their own ways, it's really just who YOU like best

just my 2 cents
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