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Rap Affiliated Posse ft Horse Shoe Gang
You guys can help me out, i got it started.

In every Cali town.
These dudes are bout blue or red pushing white or green
but im connecting black and brown
tryna get gold and platinum, tryna capture crowns
school of hardknock graduate, no cap and gown
but i put you in a hospital gown when i send this cap at ya
i play my cards right, im crazy like the mad ??
dat brat brat'll push your snapback hat backwards, cats scatter
use a simp son, sams ???
chea, im illiminating the wack, you a dildo
still encased in a pack, never penetrated a snatch
fake prick, im really stating the facts
fuck yall, my posse is affiliated with R.A.P.
i wont stop until my wall is in and dated with plaques
im a big shot shining like a nickle played in my mac
we in the forfront, we were sick of playing in the back
if i retire, i return like when jigga faded to black

you dudes stay on that lame shit, fuck outta here
you dudes stay on that same shit, fuck outta here
if you aint fucking with COB, fuck outta here
if you aint fucking with R.A.P., fuck outta here
chea, we eat sleep and breath this shit
chea, we even down to bleed for this
we die for any mawfaka who believe this shit
COB, R.A.P. my whole team is sick

this what we stand for, check the tatoos
through the ups and downs, i always trust the shoes

im with my goon and lunatics, call it my goonatics
beef can jump off at night, like when a cow jumped over the moon n shit
lunar eclipse, it get dark when the oosie rip,
the bitch is wicked as witches cause she riding my broom stick
mass murderer, slash mass axe murderer damn,
im deadly as swince flu, im going murder as ham
refer to this man as turbulence
cause im fly when i shake a spot, am i a ??? yea i certainly am
the chrome will eat through your dome, its prone to heat you to trauma
reach you at home while your sleeping, im known as ether
im not the under cover police but under the cover, im polin lisa
then im throwing long beach up.
the second i spot ya is the second i got ya ???
i put cheese on your noodle, now your head is in some pasta
shredded like MOSTArella, yeah you bout to tear
like sexin a bitch outdoors, fuck outta here

Luciano and Capone spazzed.

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