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Official Horseshoe Gang "R&B (Rap & Bitches)" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: hsg_rnb_2013_official_cover.jpg]

Quote:After much anticipation, the Horseshoe Gang's new mixtape "R&B (Rap & Bitches)" is now available as a free download through Dat Piff. The DJ Skee hosted mixtape features seventeen all new songs which include appearances by artists such as Crooked I, K-Young and One-2 to name a few. Additionally, the mixtape’s production has been handled by several talented up-and-coming producers such as Treacherous C.O.B.’s own Aktive and Tabu. Listeners will appreciate this project's creative approach as the first half has been recorded over Hip Hop beats and the second over R&B instrumentals.

Fans who are interested in downloading the mixtape are encouraged to use the link included below. In the mean time, please follow the Horseshoe Gang on their official Twitter account for future updates.

Track List

1. Intro
2. They Don't Stop
3. Cypher Of Bosse feat. Crooked I, Techniec, Jerzy J, Elz, Pac Ten, Iceman, KareLezz, One-2 & Dizaster
4. Am I Crazy
5. Cough Medicine (Interlude)
6. I Got feat. Iceman
7. O-Dog & Bishop
8. Jumpin
9. Strictly 4 My Twiggaz (Interlude)
10. Don't Walk Away feat. K-Young
11. Half Goin' Crazy
12. Gold Member
13. Team Thick / Team Little
14. Foo' Fo' That Pt. 2 feat. K-Young
15. Rap & Bitches
16. One In A Mill Women
17. For Them Ones (Outro)
18. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. Cyper (Bonus)

Not liking the title. But you can never disbelieve in their ability
cant wait, bet this will be out before crookeds latest project
This is gonna be dope. I hope they have some tracks with Crooked on here.
Updated w/ official cover art and release date.
thanks highland.  not much features thats cool idgaf much about features anyway. can't wait to hear how dizaster holds up to the u gang.
Thank you for the track list!
Damn I can't wait for this! Should be dope
 Defective Crooked I Robot

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