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Attention Effex

pass this along to Crooked before it's too hip hop a favor.
Git er done effex.  Necro is slept on i don't care what his subject matter his.  that guy got skills on the mice.
and hes the dopest producer too
effex, stop being an asshole and make this happen

this forum is DYING and at least you could reply to this thread and tell me why you won't pass this along to Crooked.

Necro is one of the best 5 producers in the rap game over the past 15 years, period. 
Did you hit Crook up on Twitter? He responds to his fans sometimes.
You guys taking this ish too serious.
this foum is back and better then ever im back!
(02-05-2014, 11:20 AM)anita_job link Wrote:You guys taking this ish too serious.

you have herpes.
up for effex
paging Effex

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