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Crooked I - Hit The Deck (ft. King Tech)
Artist: Crooked I (feat. King Tech)
Song: Hit The Deck
Produced by: King Tech
Appears on: Sway & King Tech presents Back 2 Basics

Verse 1: (Crooked I)

Let loose on em, yeah let loose on em, hit the deck, Crooked I & King Tech

I spit impossible rhymes full of philosophical lines
My phenomenal shine is leaving every one of your opticals blind
Run you over when it’s apocalypse time,
Half Nigga half Diesel like Optimus Prime,
Cockin’ this nine to pop ya
Permanent disfigurement
Have you rockin half a mask like the Phantom of the Oprah
Mach three is how fast I drop ya,
Warp factor five is the speed they glock to
Hatchet acid delivery chopped ya,
Thought you had a win here
Like watchin’ porno flicks with six chicks I’m the hardest nigga in here
Straps under U-Gear,
We blast like every night’s New Year
Seribel hemispheres get blue here,
No need to cuss and fuss
Just hop outta the bushes scratched up from the brush ya bust
I make the angriest, atheist, praise me
If not he’s feelin a simultaniest pain of a shot
And the shank in his pancreas, maybe it's my instantenous clots
The craziest nigga couldn’t face me if an alien gave him his thoughts,
Us kamikaze’s regulate,
I strap a bomb under my trench coat an hug you till it detonate,
I was brainwashed by N.W.A. and BDP, I’m the year 2000 version of the D.O.C.
when Crooked I spot these fake cliques, they better be able to dodge bullets,
Like matrix I take six,
I’m so ominous and dominant
Any prominent hip hop conglomerate on this continent
I’m bombinin'

Outro: (King Tech)

Yeah, aight, this the end of the album, I wanna thank everybody, for participating on the Back 2 Basics album, my man Crooked I right there, Chino XL, Common, Kam, Canibus, DJ Revolution, Self Scientific, Royce Da 5’9, J.U.I.C.E., Sly Boogy, Dirty Birdy, Verb & Roc and Kallihan, also wanna thank all the Producers who got down with us on this one, big shout out to my man DJ Premier, who let us flip one of his old joints, good lookin out man, DJ Khalil what’s up brother? Supa Dav West, Jake One, Kwame, Fingazz, Darren Vegas, Panik & Focus, you’re fire kid, and one love to all the fans, and the people, that’s been supporting Sway & King Tech and the
Wake Up Show over the past decade, we appreciate it you know, one love,
We’re Outta here, Peace     

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