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Horseshoe Gang feat. Tim West - "You Can Get It Then"

Quote:Although the Horseshoe Gang's Mixtape Monthly Vol. 8: COBZilla was scheduled to drop this afternoon, the project experienced a slight delay. However, the group has issued an official apology and assures fans that the mixtape will be available for download on June 28th. As we await it's arrival, a brand new track has surfaced. The song You Can Get It Then is the second preview from the project and features an appearance by C.O.B.'s Tim West. Those who are interested in hearing the song can download a copy or stream it online now.

Please stay tuned for additional updates regarding the COBZilla mixtape. In the mean time, be sure to follow the Twitter and Tim West on their official Twitter pages.

Dope song, and mad props to them for making an official statement, nothing worse than waiting on a project that gets pushed back with no explanation

Even doper that it should only be a day!
 Defective Crooked I Robot
It looks like we had one more delay:

"MMV8 "COBzilla" Monday...No BullShit!! @DatPiff" - @horseshoegang

Don't lose hope just yet, it's coming!

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