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Horseshoe Gang Performs @ "Los Globos" In Los Angeles, CA (09/27/14)

Quote:As the Horseshoe Gang prepares for the the release of their upcoming album Knocking On Rap's Door, a special announcement has been made. On September 27th, fans of the Horseshoe Gang will get to see the group perform live on stage. The Sean Healy presented performance will be held at Club Los Globos in Los Angeles, California. Tickets for the show are now available for purchase and fans over the age of eighteen can reserve their spots now.

Have you purchased tickets to the show yet?

If you purchase tickets to the Shoe Gang's upcoming show, fans will get a shout out on the next HSG project. Check out the Twitter accounts of the Horseshoe Gang or Mickey from Treacherous Records for more details -
Check out this video that C.O.B.'s Iceman posted from the performance!

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