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Where's One-2?!
Does anyone know what One-2 is up to? He seems to have pretty much disappeared since the release of Destiny and appearances on the COB Cyphers.

I think he's massively underrated and deserves a lot more success than he's had.
I've been a One-2 fan for years and I was recently wondering the same thing. However, it seems as if he's dropping material again. He recently released a group Mixtape called "The Reign" with his crew "Fourc4st", which is One-2, Marvelous, G-Stylez, and Krook. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I've listened to a couple songs off the project and it sounds dope. He's also appearing on 8 tracks on "The Mint Room 2" so I'm hoping this will lead to him releasing music again and hopefully another album, or at least a solo Mixtape.
Here's a download link to the mixtape for those who are wondering -

Fourc4st - The Reign

Download / Stream:
he kept that one quiet..

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