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Horseshoe Gang - "Go N Get Em"

Quote:Fresh off their fifty city tour with KXNG CROOKED and Rittz, the Horseshoe Gang have already made their way back into the lab. As they begin putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP and album, the group has unleashed a new record for the fans. This time around the Shoe Gang has recruited Treacherous C.O.B's in-house producer Aktive to help create the song Go N Get Em. Readers will not want to miss out on this one. Those who are interested in checking it out can download a copy or stream it online now.

Download / Stream:
Fuckin EH! I was about to lose my arm from the elbow down....from scratching it off like a damn fiend that is

I hope this signifies them picking things back up, I've been severely missing my hip hop fix this year

 Defective Crooked I Robot

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