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Funk Volume Challenge
which 3 HSG members would you put up against FV
Demetrius Capone or Julius ALONE could beat hop, dizzy and benton put together. Horseshoe got this! Wink
Hopefully that answers your question. Shoe gang killed it  8) 8) 8) :

Shame for Funk Volume cause they are cool too, but Hopsin just couldn't put his ego aside. Looks like that Praying to get dissed track worked miracles  Big Grin Big Grin
Horseshoe Gang destroyed this.

I understand being a man and not wanting to back down, but Hopsin already knows. I remember him even stating Crook was one of his favorite artists at one point, so he should have known what was coming. 

Oh well, this kind of stuff is good for Hip Hop and should get interesting.
Now they did another diss track "Same Day". Responding to Funk Volume's "Free Meal".
Yup, if you missed "Same Day", check it out here -

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