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Horseshoe Gang - "Same Day" (Funk Volume Response)

Quote:Earlier this month, Funk Volume (Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Brown) appeared on Sway In The Morning and challenged any label or rap group to a $500,000 battle. Hopsin stated that he would "demolish" both the Horseshoe Gang and KXNG CROOKED after their names were mentioned in the discussion. Of course, the Circle of Bosses crew had to respond and released the destructive Half A Meal record. After waiting a full week for Funk Volume to respond, the Shoe Gang fired back immediately with the Tabu produced track titled Same Day. As expected, the group holds nothing back and are in full attack mode. Readers who are interested in hearing their response can stream it online now.


In Case You Missed It - "Half A Meal"
i know horse shoe got paid  Big Grin

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