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One-2 Discography?
Hey all,

I stopped checking for One-2 after Kabob & Vodka but I'm back on my One-2 thang.

What has he done since then? I'd really appreciate it if someone listed his full discography and a link for any free mixtape downloads.

Obviously anything that needs to be bought will be bought because I support him.
The discography section on this website is pretty accurate till 2012. He hasn't dropped much after that. There are three cyphers that he has done with other armenian MCs. Just search them on youtube under ''armenian cypher one-2'' and you will find them. Other than that he is currently releasing music with some other armenian MCs (mainly with a guy using the moniker Marvelous). Sadly, I think those other guys have been pulling him back because he hasn't released anything noteworthy with them. 
Yeah, I meant to add the other projects he has been doing outside of COB, but didn't get around to it. I'll get that stuff updated this week. Thanks for pointing that out and reminding me.
Hey Effex

Did you get around to uploading?


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