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Crooked I - Big Pimpin'???
I was browsing DubCNN's new audio section (which ironically stops at 2008 lol) and saw this.

[Image: 102o3f7.png]

The page says it's an MP3 that was released in 2006, but it links to a defunct website.

So, does anyone know what this is/have it?
This song is from the unreleased "Life After Death Row" DVD's soundtrack. As you may recall, the documentary came with an accompanying CD, but it was just a copy of "Young Boss Vol. 2". An entire soundtrack with an alternate track listing was recorded for the project, but never officially released for one reason or another.
Certain people have it, but as with everything Crooked I chances are pretty slim someone's going to leak it just because.
(05-07-2017, 01:46 PM)Rodger Ramrod Wrote: i uploaded it to youtube a while back. not a good song imo lol.

Lol, thanks for hooking it up, Rodger. It was indeed sub-par, but it was still good to listen to it at least once

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