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One 2 - Real With It feat. Blaqthoven

Quote:Recently members may have noticed that The B.O.S.S. Board's forum now contains a section devoted to Treacherous Records. We have decided that we will be not only focusing our news updates on Crooked I, but Treacherous' artists as well. As part of our new approach we would like to present "Real With It" a new track by One-2 that features Blaqthoven on the hook. The Komplex produced beat truly represents the West Coast vibe and One-2's unique style compliments it greatly. We urge listeners to check on One-2 and keep your eyes open for his upcoming EP set to drop later on this year. In the mean time check out "Real With It" using the link provided below and keep it locked for additional updates.

Good look on the track, and the Treacherous board!
(06-23-2009, 06:42 AM)Akademic link Wrote:Good look on the track, and the Treacherous board!

No doubt, I figured there's always some post regarding Treacherous popping on this site that we might as well organize it into one board.
great just gets better and better....its ashame he'll probably never get the exposure he deserves..

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