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[Video] NIQLE NUT - "Juice" (Music Video)

Although it is only March, Inglewood’s NIQLE NUT is already having a tremendous year and is keeping the momentum going with the release of a brand new music video. In the visuals to his song Juice, NIQLE presents viewers with a satirical behind-the-scene’s look into a music video’s creative process. Fans will find it hilarious as the director attempts to force NIQLE into a series of cliche scenes. Of course, NIQLE always comes across more natural when he’s in his own element and the look on his face when forced into these absurd situations says it all. Not only will fans be entertained by the video’s original approach, but the track itself is a complete banger. The new visuals are now available to be streamed through YouTube and readers are encouraged to check them out today.

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