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[News] KXNG CROOKED Announces Exit From Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse, a four-headed conglomerate consisting of some of the best emcees in the game, formed together like Voltron in 2008 to take the Hip Hop world by storm. The group, which consisted of Joe Budden, KXNG CROOKED, Royce Da 5’9″ and Joell Ortiz, released their critically acclaimed self titled debut album in 2009 through eOne. In 2012, the “House Gang” released their follow up sophomore effort welcome to: Our House on Shady Records as part of a highly publicized deal with rap legend Eminem. The project was met with mixed reactions by fans as the group seemingly strayed off path and aimed for a more commercialized approach. Since that time, the team has mostly gone silent after completing their unreleased and likely shelved third album Glass House. Now, with Joe Budden enjoying a retirement from being a recording artist and the other members pursuing solo careers, Crooked has issued a statement to the fans.

Recently, KXNG CROOKED took to his Instagram account to make the following announcement:

Instagram Video:

Undoubtedly, KXNG CROOKED’s departure from Slaughterhouse will be upsetting to long time supporters of the movement. However, he assures fans that there is no bad blood between his brothers and wishes them well. While the group is no longer recording as a unit, each member of the team is currently exploring exciting ventures separately. For example, Circle of Bosses fans will be interested to learn that Crooked recently confirmed that he has multiple music projects planned for the upcoming year.

The Boss Board would like to take this moment to salute and thank Slaughterhouse for the monumental mark that they left in Hip Hop history and will continue to show them support going forward.

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Been a long road, eFFex... we saw the beginning of this formation way back in the day and you couldn't help but be excited for what was then look like the "savior" for hiphop: Slaughterhouse.

I realize they've been inactive for the past 3 years and their album material has been a huge disappointment (to myself anyways).. but this was still sad to finally see them closing the book on the group. Buddens ended up being the cancer that a lot of fans originally saw him as in the start...and I blame the Interscope/Shady machine just as much.

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