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Slaughterhouse "Rock The Bells" Performance Toronto - 07/05/09 (Photos)
It's a big poster, but $100 is still outrageous.

I'm hoping that the smaller show I'm going to in a couple weeks got shirts though.
Thanks man! Much appreciated!
(07-06-2009, 10:40 AM)ThaHolyChronic link Wrote:[quote author=alphabet link=topic=1115.msg257864#msg257864 date=1246861676]
Doesn't look like there's many people there. Canadians don't like Slaughterhouse?

no trust me there was more people than it looks, the problem is that the tickets up close to the stage were like $150 each or some shit, everyone was prolly in the $60 section.  im pissed that i didnt get to go to this though

p.s. wheres all the other pics?
thats bs man gota pay $180 for vip and 80 n fuckin van lol im pissed >Sad
does anyone know if u can buy the slaughterhouse wacthes ?

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