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K-Young feat. Crooked I, Ca$his, Laze & Kobe - My Last

Quote:We are back once again with new heat from K-Young's upcoming mixtape titled "Summer Love" which is hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar. The song is called "My Last" and features appearances by Crooked I, Cashis, Laze & Kobe. While K-Young & Kobe serenade the track with smooth vocals, Crooked I, Cashis and Laze deliver hard hitting rhymes that balance out this club banger. Once again K-Young delivers a radio ready song and musically explains why he is ready to take the industry by storm. We encourage readers to check out the song using the music player included below. If you enjoy the track, please be on the lookout for K-Young's mixtape which drops on July 13th. In the mean time, please visit his official MySpace page for additional information regarding the R&B sensation. Finally, as always, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further information regarding K-Young and Treacherous Records.

Wonder if crook will catch heat over this verse lol I personally don't have any issues with it but the whole time all I could think was if game spit that verse he would be a name dropper and personally I don't see the big deal with it
 Defective Crooked I Robot
if game did this it would be sth normal cause its sth hes doing his whole damn career,namedropin on every album,single, mixtape etc etc...with crooked its different, he can drop different kind of verses wich for game is very hard to make a song without sth like this:

Im taking a bloody blood compton  Suge Knight shampoo bubble bath
thinking of my hardcore killaz niggaz 50 and Buck on motherfucking fucking Aftermath
Doing my motherfuckin math thinking of making huge forehead Dr.Dre tatt

was crook talking about Gay hood?

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